Olive Raccolta"I Patriarchi": selected, natural and high quality extra virgin olive oil.
The extra virgin olive oil is the main agricultural and food-product of the Mediterranean diet. Extra virgin olive oil "I Pariarchi" is the result of the simple olive pressing.
The farm philosophy, in fact, is to perform the activity by combining the principles of good agricultural practice and the modern methods. The high quality is achieved both thank to the full mechanization of harvesting and cold milling stages, and the use of environmentally sustainable systems such as subirrigation. Olives are harvested from October to December in the middle of the veraison period (when the olives are still green). The olives are picked with the hand harvesting method or shaking the trees with the machines, gathering the fruit on sheets laid under the trees. The sheets avoid that olives touch the ground and this preserves the quality of the olive oil. The extra virgin olive oil is extracted by a continuous cycle machine, within the 24 hours, and this makes our olive oil a superior product and guarantees its genuineness and its high quality.The extra virgin olive oil is than stored in stainless steel tanks and than bottled and distributed.

The extra virgin olive oil "I Patriarchi" is extracted from the local varieties of Salento: the Cellina di Nardò, the Ogliarola Leccese, the Nociara, the Cima di Melfi and the Leccino. The olive groves are mainly flat and the altitude of the olive groves is 60 meters above the sea level, the soil is both with tuff and living-rock areas.
"I Patriarchi" is a fruity and light extra virgin olive oil that can be used for dressing salads, toasted bread, pottages and fish soups.

This extra virgin olive oil is golden yellow with green nuances, lightly fruity oil with well-balanced intensity of bitter and spicy flavours. It is perfumed with scents of freshly-mown grass with vegetables notes.

Beside its genuineness, the extra virgin olive oil "I Patriarchi" has the certification product traceability issued by Agroqualità according to the provision of law ISO 22005/07 in cooperation with UNAPROL and APROL Lecce.

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