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The Farm Pasquale Coppola, is managed by Pasquale Coppola and his daughters, young agricultural entrepreneurs, who inherit the olive tree groves owned by their grandfather Giovanni Coppola, who produced olive oil and wine since 1970.
The Farm covers an area of about 10 hectares in the heart of the North Salento, an ancient land in the South of Italy, rich in history and traditions, where the majestic age-old olive trees are the background of the landscape where the blue sea sets against the red colour of the land.
The Farm's location, is exclusive and singular, and its main aim is the development and promotion of a typical product of Salento: the extra virgin olive oil. Another purpose of the Farm "Pasquale Coppola" is to preserve the ancient familiar traditions of Salento and to respect and protect the surrounding landscape.

The Brand 
of the Farm is "I Patriarchi", conceived for giving an image that could enclose the Salento's distinctive features: the "green patriarchs" is the way how the old-age olive trees have been defined to emphasize Salento's strong roots; the "patriarchal family" is the symbol of the family unity where all members are attached to the head of the family; and at last, the "patriarch" within the ecclesiastical, is a figure of great importance since the Salento preserves the track of a pure and authentic religiousness. The pastoral staff that characterizes the Farm's logo and the dark red colour, typical of the land, represent all the three elements that hark back to the term "patriarch".

Beside its genuineness, the extra virgin olive oil "I Patriarchi" has the certification product traceability issued by Agroqualità according to the provision of law ISO 22005/07 in cooperation with UNAPROL and APROL Lecce.

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